Jan de Kok (English)

Jan de Kok
As a pictorial/creative artist he has an odd way of using light and his specific use of colour is recognisable in all his work. Use of colour and symbolism can release something universal.
Jan de Kok can best be characterised as a very creative and versatile person. Maarten Krabbe and Jan Sierhuis were among his teachers.

Every human being is born as a creative person and it is important to realise and develop this creative elemen in order to grow up harmoniously.
By surrounding people with beauty (surrounding art) the creative part will be nourished.
That is why Jan de Kok thinks surrounding art is an essential and natural necessity, not a luxury.

Jan de Kok has a way of integrating his murals into the landscape/surroundings. He made a lot of murals in schools, churches and health care clinics, for private persons and in office buildings. He has done more than a hundred murals so far.